A Story of Loss

In this post, I'm going to write about something very close to my heart. Miscarriage can feel like a dirty word in the realm of beautiful women and their pregnancies, instagram perfect #babybump posts everywhere. As a Birth Doula, it was heart wrenching to experience a loss and see so much love and life surrounding me. It's taking me a while to see this as a blessing, but it is. I see healing every day in my work.

Step by Step - The Process of Placenta Encapsulation

In this post, I'm going to share the step by step process Sublime Motherhood follows to encapsulate a placenta using the Raw Foods Method. I hope to eliminate common myths and misunderstandings, offer information about the safety and techniques I use, and share my passion for this wonderful, holistic services. There will be graphic images shared of unprocessed placenta and the capsule filling process in this post!

S is for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

In our last blog post we covered Round Ligament Pain, so I wanted to talk about another similar source of discomfort some women may experience during pregnancy. Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or SPD, affects 31% of all pregnant women. Unfortunately, many are told this is just another "ache and pain" to be dealt with, but for some it can be incredibly painful and make pregnancy much more stressful. Let's take a closer look at what causes it and how we can get some relief.

Q is for Questions

Questioning your care provider can be intimidating, let alone interviewing several to decide who will fit your needs best! I'm going to give you the run down on how to focus on the important questions, get the answers you need, and make the best decision possible. First, I want to mention that when you ask these questions, your care provider should be excited to answer them and engage you fully. Yes, they are busy. But anyone that you want to work with should take the time to answer your questions. 

Giving Birth at Sentara

If you're pregnant and looking at delivery options in Hampton Roads, Sentara Hospital System is going to come up in your search. Specifically, Leigh's Family Maternity Center is exceptional and known for it's LDRP suites where families remain comfortable in one room throughout their hospital stay. Mothers who have delivered there have even described the experience as similar to staying at a hotel!

5 Tips to Make Your Doula Logo Awesome

Logos are exceedingly important, I don't believe it can be overstated how important this piece of the puzzle is! In fact, a consumer decides how they feel about a logo within 400 milliseconds of seeing it. The same is true for first impressions of people, but in that case you have some influence based on your mannerisms, your style, and your voice to connect with people. Your logo doesn't have any of that. It needs to be so awesome, so absolutely unforgettable, that your clients love it and feel it represents something they need. If it's not, you end up with something a bit lackluster. 

10 Key Points from a Doula

There are many things to consider working as a Doula, from the time you are hired well into postpartum support. It's easy to get caught in your own headspace, or feel unsure of the right thing to say in any given situation. I have collected several key phrases or things to remember through my years working as a Doula, and I wanted to share these little bits of wisdom with you! I frequently read them before writing an article, interviewing with a client, or attending a birth.