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What is a Birth Doula?

A Doula is a maternal care professional who supports the growing family throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood. Doulas provide childbirth education, continuous support during labor and delivery, and postpartum support to help you achieve the experience you desire.


Childbirth Education

If you are seeking some hands on education and expert advice in the comfort and privacy of your own home, these classes are for you! Classes are personalized and go at your own pace, so you can get the answers you need with confidence.

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Doula Support

Whether you are seeking Birth or Postpartum Doula support, we have a package that fits your needs! Care is also available for families experiencing Bereavement and Loss. Find out more about how a Doula can help you navigate parenthood in the best way for you. 

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Placenta Encapsulation

Encapsulating your placenta ensures you get the best postpartum experience possible! Your placenta contains nutrients and hormones that will help nourish your body and stabilize fluctuations in your system. Learn about this amazing service today! 

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Meet the Doula

- 100% VBAC Success Rate

- Happy Client Testimonials

- Attending at Hospitals, Birth Centers, and at Home in Delmarva

- Postpartum Support for the Family

- Passionate about Your Birth Plan


My experience with Lyndsay as my Doula was nothing short of sublime!.

— Stefani C.

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Informative and interesting topics to help parents prepare for birth and postpartum recovery in the Delmarva area.

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