Sublime Motherhood Package

Pregnancy Doula Package Sublime Motherhood

We have created the most inclusive collection of support services ever, to offer you an incredible bundle of everything in one. If personalized attention and care throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the first year sounds wonderful, this package is tailormade for you. Contact Lyndsay today to talk about your sublime pregnancy & birth experience!


All Inclusive Doula Support

Priced based on availability -I personalize this package to your schedule and preferred support services! Package includes prenatal birth affirmation meetings throughout your pregnancy, 12 prenatal or postpartum yoga sessions to use at your convenience, and postpartum check-ins for the first year after birth.

Added Extras (to use within one year postpartum):

• One herbalism session to evaluate lifestyle, nutrition and support any health, wellness, or motherhood goals

• Pre-Release Edition of Sublime Motherhood E-Book

Placenta Encapsulation service

• 6 Hours of Postpartum Support after giving birth

• Infant Massage or Breastfeeding Class

• PostPartum Belly Binding session and warming belly paste


Prenatal Affirmation Meetings

Affirmation techniques that are helpful for any goals you have in life. They can help to remove negativity and perceptions that are stressing you or inhibiting growth by reshaping your thought processes positively. I offer meditation and affirmations throughout your yoga practice and teach how to make day to day changes yourself.

Prenatal or Postpartum Yoga

Moving meditation has been used for centuries to align the body and increase circulation, and a form of physical exercise. 12 private yoga sessions with me will help us isolate areas of tension and work on them together. You can always add on more sessions later to continue this practice. We schedule these at your pace, and can be couples, solo, or mommy and me classes!

Postpartum Wellness Checks

The first year after giving birth may present many challenges. Life is always changing! As you and your baby grow through your first year together, I’ll check in once a month by phone to chat with you and touch base. We can talk about anything you like, it’s your time! I can offer advice, listen to frustrations, or be an unbiased and experienced ear for you.

My experience with Lyndsay as my Doula was nothing short of sublime.
— Stefani C.

Client Perks

Lending Library- Reading recommendations are available for every client. If you want to read something I don’t have, I’ll order it to add to our library.

Phone Support- Whenever you have questions, need information on something, or want an unbiased person to call, I’ll be there for you. You can call, text, or email me anytime.

Referrals and Resources- Information as needed and referrals to any fertility experts and products, including chiropractic care, acupuncture, and more.

Client Gift Bag- Every family receives a gift bag filled with a few personalized, handmade herbal preparations, and helpful information, coupons, and resources.

*15% Unlimited Discount on Future Sublime Motherhood Services 

*10% Military Discount