Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Lewes Delaware

Encapsulating your placenta ensures you get the best postpartum experience possible! Your placenta contains nutrients and hormones that will help nourish your body and stabilize fluctuations in your system after giving birth. This is a holistic and ancient practice proven to be effective by modern science, and anecdotal evidence from mothers around the world.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased Mood Stability

  • Increased Breastmilk Production

  • Increased Energy

  • Decreased Postpartum Bleeding

  • Decreased Insomnia and Night Sweats

  • Decreased Iron Deficiency

  • Decreased Incidence of Postpartum Depression

Thank you so much, Lyndsay! Our placenta capsules and keepsake were packaged up beautifully and we are so thankful for your services!
— Alexandria H.
Sublime Motherhood Placenta Delmarva


During your consultation, I will go over the benefits of both the Raw Foods Method and Traditional Chinese Method and help you make the best choice for your needs.

Edible preparations including smoothies and truffles are available upon special request. As a certified herbalist, I can also recommend complementing your placenta’s natural properties with herbs as desired.

Capsule Options: Unflavored, Berry, Bubblegum, Coffee, Grape, Lime, Mint, Orange, Strawberry

Placenta Watercolor Print Chincoteague Virginia


Your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta can also create birth keepsakes and works of art, such as watercolor prints!

I can dry the cord into a shape such as a heart, a circle, a letter, a word, or something specific you request, and dye it any color of the rainbow. Inquire for special requests, such as dream catchers.

You may choose any colors for your print, natural food based dyed are always used.


Placenta Encapsulation

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Basic Encapsulation Package

$225 - Package includes Placenta Transport Kit, Traditional Chinese Method or Raw Foods Method method of encapsulation, and personalized umbilical cord keepsake.

I include pickup of placenta and 24-48 hour delivery in the package price. 

Premium Encapsulation Package

$325 - Package includes Placenta Transport Kit, TCM or RFM method of encapsulation, and umbilical cord keepsake as well as your happy mama salve, watercolor placenta print, and mother tincture.

I include pickup of placenta and 24-48 hour delivery in the package price. 

Excited to take my first dose! Thank you Lyndsay for the amazing customer service!
— Rian G
Berry Flavored Placenta Capsules Seaford Delaware

Step by Step

Want more details about the encapsulation process, and why you should trust me with your placenta? I share a client encapsulation from start to finish in a blog article here.


When you hire Sublime Motherhood, the process is easy!

  • As soon as your contract is signed, I am on call for you. I ask that you call or text to notify me when labor begins.

  • Call within one hour after delivery for pick up. I will bring your included kit and safely pack your placenta for transportation.

  • I’ll keep in touch and text you updates, clarify anything as needed, and let you know when I am finished with the process.

  • I personally guarantee hand delivery of your placenta pills and package to your hospital room or home within 24-48 hours of delivery.

  • Enjoy your postpartum experience! You are welcome to contact me at any time for advice, questions, or concerns as needed.


Client Discounts

*10% Hero discount for military, first responders, teachers, and single parents.

*5% Discount when package is paid in full upon signing

(discounts cannot be combined or used with any other offer)