Fertility Support

Fertility Support Delaware

For many of us, starting a family isn’t as easy as it seems. Whether you are just trying or have become frustrated with infertility over time, it’s helpful to have support and advice at your side throughout the journey. Wherever you’re at, I’ll meet you with compassion and practical recommendations. I created this package after receiving a heartfelt request for an “expert and a best friend” who knew the ins and outs of conception, pregnancy, and birth.

I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional, and the FDA does not recognize herbal remedies as drugs or as foods. I base these recommendations upon my years of experience as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Herbalist. I feel comfortable supporting your family in this time of life with holistic and gentle approaches. I always advise you to check with your medical care provider before using any alternative health methods.


Fertility Doula Support

$875 -This package is specialized, therapeutic techniques are used to your comfort level and based on your personal needs. Package includes an Herbal Consultation and follow up support, nutrition assessment and sample diet plan, 6 Yoga Classes, meditations, support for both parents, and more! We typically work together for about 6 months.


Aromatherapy & Herbalism Consultation

Your herbal consultation is incredibly valuable. This meeting is to discuss any wellness or health concerns I can assist you with, to support fertility and overall health. These consultations and following recommendations can help with conception, nutrition, stress, low libido, men’s health, and more. I’ll offer recommendations and follow up with you monthly during our work together.

Health Assessment and Sample Diet Plan

Along with your herbal consultation, I will ask you about your diet and general lifestyle. Together, we’ll create a recommended plan for optimal health and conception. This is best for you and your partner to do together! We start out with small, simple changes and create options that sound attainable to you (and delicious!). I’ll follow up monthly with your herbal recommendations, but you can call or email me anytime for support.

Private Yoga Classes

Moving meditation has been used for centuries to align the body and increase circulation, and as a form of physical exercise. 6 private yoga sessions with me will help us isolate areas of tension and work on them together. You can always add on more sessions later to continue this practice. I schedule these at your pace, and can be couples or solo classes.

Meditations and Affirmations

Affirmation techniques that are helpful for any goals you have in life. They can help to remove negativity and perceptions that are stressing you or inhibiting growth by reshaping your thought processes in a positive way. I offer meditation and affirmations throughout your yoga practice, and teach how to make day to day changes yourself.

Support for Both Parents

As mentioned above, most of these support services will be helpful to both parents. Nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness are all things everyone can benefit from in the relationship, as well as the targeted herbal consultation. Both parents need sensitivity and support, and share many difficulties when infertility is an ongoing issue.

My experience with Lyndsay as my Doula was nothing short of sublime.
— Stefani C.

Client Discounts

*10% Hero discount for military, first responders, teachers, and single parents.

*5% Discount when package is paid in full upon signing

*Sliding scale rates are available for families in need, inquire with me directly here.

(discounts cannot be combined or used with any other offer)