Birth & Postpartum Doula Services

Newborn Hospital Birth Induction
Not only did she relieve my anxieties about childbirth, she got me excited for it!
— Stefani C.

Silver Support Package

$1075 - Package includes a 2 hr prenatal meeting for us to discuss your birth plans and options, the childbirth process, and what’s most important to you. You’ll also be able to reach me at any time during your pregnancy for extra support and questions. I offer continuous care during the labor and birth, and a 2 hr. postpartum visit.

Gold Support Package

$1275 - Package includes everything in the basic support package, and your choice of an additional prenatal meeting to explore comfort measures, postpartum care, and breastfeeding, or an additional postpartum meeting for hands on help and advice after delivery.

Doula Support Hospital Birth

Comfort Measures

Comfort measures available include massage, acupressure, reflexology, rebozo support, heat and cold therapy, herbs and aromatherapy, suggestions on positioning and movement, partner encouragement, and much more.

Hospital Birth Center VBAC Doula

Childbirth Support

I support to your comfort level and hold space for you and your family throughout the entire birth process, from early labor through to birth. I stay with you until you are comfortably resting and breastfeeding if desired. (approx 6-48 hours of support)

Baby First Bath Postpartum

Postpartum Visit

I visit with you within a week after delivery to reflect on the birth experience and help with postpartum or newborn concerns. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, need a shower, or just want to talk, I’ll be there to support you and be an unbiased ear.

Postpartum Services Sussex County
Having Lyndsay around to assure me all of this was normal and just spend time with me was amazing.
— Postpartum Client

Postpartum Doula Support

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Hourly Rate - $25 per hour


Silver Postpartum Package

$1275 - Package includes 3-4 weeks of daytime or overnight postpartum support in a 72 hour package. This is perfect for the experienced mom who wants extra care during the first few days and knows the value of a set of helpful hands around the house.

Gold Postpartum Package

$2475 - Package includes 144 hours or 6-8 weeks of daytime or overnight postpartum support. I created this package for the mom who wants a little more TLC, new moms, and those who might want or need continuous care for the first two months.

Postpartum Doula Care in Delaware

Newborn Care

When you have a new arrival at home, sometimes there can be a lot of questions. From giving baby their first bath, to umbilical cord care, feeding and diapering, even how many dirty diapers to expect!

I’ll answer all of your newborn care questions, offer information and resources when you need it, or care for the baby while you take a shower, nap, or simply relax.

Housework Meal Preparation Doula Lewes

Housework & Meal Preparation

As an experienced cook, I can make you anything from PB & J’s to your family’s favorite recipes during my shift. I will always be mindful of any allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions you may have.

You can rest and bond with your baby, knowing I'll take care of the housework and your to-do list. Housework tasks can include dishes, laundry, vacuuming, and picking up around the house.

Postpartum Family Dover Delaware


Anytime you need an ear, I am there for unbiased support. The first few months at home can be stressful and lonely, or incredibly exciting! Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk to about all of these adjustments.

I can listen while you vent, offer a safe space, and if issues arise can help you create practical solutions that work for your family.


Client Discounts and Perks

Lending Library - My lending library is full of resources and classic birth aids. Let me know what you’re interested in reading or learning about, and if I don’t have it I’ll order it to add to the library.

Referrals & Resources - Along with the posted Resources Guide, I’m familiar with many local professionals and can help you find any additional services or assistance you are interested in.

Client Gift Bags - Full of handpicked samples, helpful information, and coupons for the expectant or postpartum parent.

*10% Hero Discount - for military, first responders, teachers, and single parents.

*5% Total Discount - when package is paid in full upon signing

(discounts cannot be combined or used with any other offer)