Starting an Adventure & Renovating a 1993 Prowler

Starting an Adventure & Renovating a 1993 Prowler

I’ve been writing a lot less lately, and I wanted to share a little bit about why! I hope regular readers will tolerate and maybe enjoy a little deviation from my normal pregnancy and motherhood topics. I think most people thought I was joking when I would share tiny house photos the last few years, it’s a cute little idea that’s shared on social media but not many folks actually make the jump and start the downsizing process. Here’s a little bit about how I got started thinking about switching my lifestyle, and what I’m working on!

So cute!

So cute!


Benefits of Tiny House Living

  • Lower Expenses- without a mortgage or rent, expenses are cut down significantly. Add in workamping opportunities or volunteer positions with a camp site included, and you’ve got a lot of wiggle room.

  • Lower Energy Use- a smaller footprint makes sense to me, as most of us don’t use all the room in our homes anyway.

  • Freedom of Movement- as mentioned above, work opportunities vary but also allow for a lot of freedom. You can work on the go as a freelancer or blogger, or settle in an area you really enjoy.

  • Easier Maintenance- this is debatable, as things do break down and need repaired in a tiny home, motorhome, or trailer. However, the costs will be offset by the other benefits mentioned, and the costs of maintaining a home, lawn care, paying taxes, etc are completely eliminated.

  • Harmony With Nature- this is one of my favorite benefits, living in a tiny space forces you to live closer with nature and consider your effect on the environment.

  • A Simpler Life- another idea I’ve frequently blogged about is minimalism, and I truly look forward to the benefits of small living in this aspect. Using only what I truly need and having a cozy space sounds wonderful!


As a mom, I discovered minimalism as a true concept and it fell in line with my love of keeping things organized and tidy.

When I became a mom, I was so overwhelmed by everything I thought I needed to maintain and do every day. With all the clothes, toys, and junk lying around, I became stressed. Now, I won’t say it was just the stuff, but it added to my mental clutter and then to my to-do list. That was the main reason I switched to living minimally.

Here’s an example of a family of 5 who renovated an RV for under 5k! Posts like this fed my inspiration and gave me ideas for my own project.

Small Space Living Post

The Grand Reveal

Just kidding! I’m still in the demolition and roof-sealing stages, so it’s more of a baby reveal. But I wanted to share my progress and journey with you, so here goes!

I started searching on OfferUp and Craigslist this past fall, looking for an older model travel trailer in need of some love. My first thought was a motorhome or RV, but for the maintenance expenses and my plans a trailer was the better option. I managed to find a steal after a few months when I went to see this 1993 Prowler sitting on a lot nearby. It’s not pretty yet, but I knew it was the right one! I was specifically looking for this floor plan and have the hands on skills to make the necessary repairs.

Pulling it home was a mess after having issues with UShip. I finally found a local company East Coast Campers to tow it home safely and at a reasonable price, they were fantastic and had it moved the week I called. I got to work right away, pulling out the old fabric curtains, furniture, and cushions. The built in couch was pulled out, as it was heavy and also pretty old and showing signs of wear. Another fun project was figuring out how to clean the top vents, this post was really helpful!

A lot of chilly mornings and afternoons later, it’s down to bare bones and ready to be wiped down and painted. I did have some hiccups already. I was pretty disappointed to realized this duct work couldn’t be moved easily, so removing the dinette and opening up that space for a table and stools wasn’t going to happen like I planned. Now I’m going to reupholster the cushions and leave it as an extra sleeping space and storage.

The biggest pain in the butt so far (other than pulling out a million carpet staples and multiple layers of shag carpet) has been pulling out a built in bed that was part of the original manufacture, as it was built into the wall of the trailer as seen from the wooden strip still visible in these pictures. Since finding a small leak in this room, work has stopped on the interior until the weather clears up a bit and the roof can be cleaned, polished, and sealed. The next steps are painting, putting down new subfloor and laminate flooring, and building some new pieces in that I’m very excited to share later!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the change in subject matter! I’ll be sharing updates from time to time in between my usual Sublime Motherhood articles. If you’re interested in tiny home living or reading more on minimalism, here’s a few resources and articles I recommend:

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