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Giving Birth at Beebe Healthcare

If you're looking at your options for hospital birth in lower, slower Delaware, you'll likely be including Beebe Healthcare in your search! Located in Lewes, Delaware, they are one of the few hospitals available to locals and they have a fantastic reputation and baby friendly distinctions. Let's take a look at resources that are available, classes, tours, and some reasons you may want to choose Beebe for your care.

Q is for Questions

Questioning your care provider can be intimidating, let alone interviewing several to decide who will fit your needs best! I'm going to give you the run down on how to focus on the important questions, get the answers you need, and make the best decision possible. First, I want to mention that when you ask these questions, your care provider should be excited to answer them and engage you fully. Yes, they are busy. But anyone that you want to work with should take the time to answer your questions. 

10 Key Points from a Doula

There are many things to consider working as a Doula, from the time you are hired well into postpartum support. It's easy to get caught in your own headspace, or feel unsure of the right thing to say in any given situation. I have collected several key phrases or things to remember through my years working as a Doula, and I wanted to share these little bits of wisdom with you! I frequently read them before writing an article, interviewing with a client, or attending a birth.