5 Tips to Make Your Doula Logo Awesome

5 Tips to Make Your Doula Logo Awesome

In mentoring other Doulas, a frequent topic comes up once they finish training and start crafting their personal brand image. I'm talking, of course, about business logos! Logos are exceedingly important, I don't believe it can be overstated how important this piece of the puzzle is! In fact, a consumer decides how they feel about a logo within 400 milliseconds of seeing it. The same is true for first impressions of people, but in that case you have some influence based on your mannerisms, your style, and your voice to connect with people.

Your logo doesn't have any of that. It needs to be so awesome, so absolutely unforgettable, that your clients love it and feel it represents something they need. If it's not, you end up with something a bit lackluster.

In other words, your clients need to see what you do and who you are through your design. 

I am going to teach you how to do just that, with 5 tips to help you in your quest for the ultimate Doula logo!


Be Unique

Your logo should be uniquely recognizable, and your brand and philosophy should shine through. This is where you should tap into your inner creativity and brainstorm your heart away! Make a list of all the words you want your ideal client to associate with you, words that describe what they need, feel, want, and most importantly what they feel after they use your services. Use this to create imagery that reflects your brand.

i. e.- A common theme in your words is calm, so think of imagery that reflects calm. Water (the sea, rivers), mountains, feathers, etc.

PRO TIP- I often ask new Doulas to write themselves the most incredible testimonial they can imagine from a client who was absolutely thrilled by her support. You can use this as inspiration and a drawing board for this word mapping exercise.


Avoid Clip Art Like the Plague

If we are going to be unique, personal, and stand out to our customers, we cannot use clip art. Seriously. DO NOT USE CLIP ART. Google doesn't like it, it's not easily used everywhere or recognizable as your unique brand, and chances are someone is already using it or something very similar.

Keep this in mind when considering a cheap logo from a website like Fiverr. Yes, you get a cheap logo with great turnaround, but from personal experience I would advise you to save your money and invest in the perfect logo for you from the start.


Keep it Simple

So we want to be personal, and we want to be unique. We also need to keep details to a minimum. The general rule of thumb is that if you have to explain your logo, it isn't easily understood and should be revised. My only exception to this note right now is logos that are unique to your area or demographic!

I recently saw a Facebook post about a Doula who wanted to use a pelican instead of a stork as her logo. Many didn't like the idea or didn't understand it, but then something happened that surprised me. Doulas and educators living in her state LOVED it. Seriously, some of them were gushing over this logo! If you know your area and your client, trust your gut. What you bring to the table is why your client hires you.

So, keep it simple, but be creative!



So you have a simple, unique logo that exemplifies your brand (with no clip art), so you're home free, right? Not quite yet! In order to make a lasting impression and really drive your point home, you need to have 1-2 alternate logos to use at the top of bottom of official letters, business cards, secondary locations on your website, and more.

Cohesiveness is key! Your fonts, colors, and imagery need to match up perfectly. I don't say that to intimidate you, any designer worth their weight will make sure that your image stays consistent throughout the editing process.  I suggest working up a quick branding board in Canva to help you keep your vision in mind while working, solo or with a graphic designer.

importance of color psychology for logo design

Color Psychology

Just like shape or simplicity, color is a big player on the field of design. Color can make you feel different emotions, make you hungry, invoke a memory, and more. Consider what colors would respond with your ideal client and lead them to feel like you understand their needs.

Red- Passion, Love, Warmth, Energy, Excitement, Physical Courage

Blue- Calm, Safe, Serene, Intelligence, Empathy, Relaxation

Yellow- Joy, Radiance, Inspiration, Vitality, High Energy, Cheer

To learn more about colors and how they affect psychology, read more here!


Have you struggled with logo design? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

For more information on business practices and creative marketing for Doulas, check out my Website Design packages! Personal help and mentorship is available by the hour. Happy Doulaing!

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