Why Would I Want to Eat My Placenta?

From mammals in nature to traditional chinese medicine, consuming your placenta isn't anything groundbreaking. What is groundbreaking are the advancements in medical research and the technology that enables us to study anecdotal benefits from across the world. I consider myself lucky to study placentas and their wonderful abilities in detail!

The first thing I usually hear when someone learns I'm a placenta encapsulation specialist invariably is,  "Ew, gross! Why would I ever want to eat that?"

Of course my response is that if you don't want to, it's okay that it's not for you! However, if you are simply squeamish but intrigued, here's a few reasons for you.

  • The placenta contains lots of helpful hormones such as Prostaglandin, which helps to contract the uterus and decrease bleeding, and Oxytocin, which enhances maternal and newborn bonding, among a list of others.
  • Anecdotal evidence from many moms shows happier postpartum adjustments, more restful sleep, and less mood swings.
  • Your placenta has anti-inflammatory properties and may assist in maternal immune system response while healing from childbirth.
  • May assist in breastfeeding and maintaining a healthy milk supply.
  • Offers nutritional benefits such as B vitamins and iron supplementation.
  • The placenta pills don't look or smell anything like the placenta itself, so there's no concern about smell or chewing. (I also now offer flavored, colorful capsules for those who aren't convinced!)
Placenta Pills

For me, offering placenta encapsulation means empowering you.

It's giving you the power over your body and what it created. It's giving respect to the bond between your body and your baby. It's giving you natural supplements perfectly made by your body, for your body. It's giving you the ability to respect the placenta in a way your culture or religion sees fit. It's giving you personal keepsakes to look back on and cherish. It's giving you a once in a lifetime experience.

Package ready to go out to a placenta client!

What questions do you have about Placenta Encapsulation and what it can do for you?

Sublime Motherhood is here for all of your Placenta Encapsulation, Keepsake, Tincture, Salve, and Edible Preparation Services in Delmarva. 

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A is for Activity

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