The Cure for Morning Sickness

If you are kneeling before the porcelain god every morning (and night), feeling run down, and having trouble keeping up with everyday tasks, you aren't alone. Some degree of morning sickness affects almost every expectant mother, and I personally was in a state of perpetual nausea throughout both of my pregnancies until I found what worked for me. I've scoured the internet and shared my client's experiences and my own to gather the best solutions for Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Here are action steps you can take today, to not only manage but possibly eliminate your symptoms!



fruit smoothie bowl for pregnancy

The general guidelines for a healthy diet are lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and fats, and limiting junk intake of things like starches or sugars. Moderation is key. It's actually great for you and baby to have some dark chocolate, nut butters, or high fat items like avocados sprinkled into your diet.

It's okay if you can't keep those prenatal vitamins down. As the baby grows, they will actually get most of their nutrients from you. If you're really concerned about the intake of vitamins, I was recommended Buried Treasure liquid prenatal vitamins by a local health professional. I haven't tried them yet myself, let me know if you have in the comments!


H. Pylori

They have recently found a connection between a bacteria that lives in our gut, H. pylori, and hyperemesis gravidarum. In fact, 100% of the women biopsied for this bacteria while struggling with morning sickness tested positive. If you click the link above, she goes into very helpful information and details about this if you're interested!

What I took away from it personally was that most foods today aren't truly fermented, and this can cause bad bacteria to run unchecked during pregnancy. A few exceptions are kombucha, true apple cider vinegar like Bragg's, and foods you can make at home like kimchi or sourdough breads. I found relief by simply mixing a teaspoon of ACV into every glass of water I drank. It helped me remember to stay hydrated and may have helped with the nausea.


1 pitcher full of filtered, cold water

2-4 Tablespoons of Bragg's ACV or similar brand

Optional for Taste: 2-4 Tablespoons of local, raw honey (if you use raw and it's too thick, boil a small amount of water to soften it and stir it in as a syrup)

Drink 8-10 glasses a day as normal water intake, if you do add the honey make sure to drink normal unfiltered water throughout the day as well. Adding a slice of lemon or cucumber can add some flavor if you want!


Pregnancy Tea & Herbs

While I personally prefer the Traditional Medicinals brand for prepackaged pregnancy tea, but there are many options such as Earth Mama Organic's tea Organic Morning Wellness, Pink Stork Pregnancy Tea, and Inner Peace Morning Sickness Relief. The teas all have different herbal ingredients, so you may have to try one or two to see what works best for you.

Alfalfa and Red Raspberry Leaf are great ingredients, in fact I was also advised by my herbal practitioner to take Alfalfa supplements three times a day. Oregon’s Wild Harvest is the brand that worked for me. Since I started that combination of supplements including Alfalfa, I haven't experienced the debilitating nausea that I usually do. I personally don't want to mess with what seems to be working!

tea for pregnancy and morning sickness

CBD Supplement

This may be a controversial topic, but since it is becoming legal in most areas of the United States and could be considered an herbal remedy I'm going to cover it. Since I've heard of it helping cancer patients and other cases of extended illness, I asked my herbal practitioner about this option!

The supplement I was recommended is hemp based and is meant to slowly dissolve to help throughout the day. It's a very low dosage of CBD oil combined with herbs to help with ingestion. As with anything, it's a personal choice to try a supplement like this and should be a decision you research.



This can be helpful in any form. There are powdered ginger capsules if you hate the taste, but there are also all natural ginger gums, ginger candy, crystallized ginger, and even Preggie Pops. This didn't help me to keep nausea at bay! However, if I forgot my supplements and was really sick, a chew on one of these spicy candies really helped.


Meditation and Self Awareness

You could also call this simply "slowing down." Tara Stiles, one of my favorite yoga teacher subscriptions on YouTube, has a great thoughts to share about her experience with mindfulness and nausea in her video blog here.

If you're interested in trying yoga, I would highly recommend checking out her channel!



If all else fails, and you are miserable and cannot keep anything down for more than a few hours please call your care provider and make sure you are healthy and hydrated. Most pregnant women don't know that nausea can also indicate an underlying infection that may not cause other external symptoms, like a UTI.

They can assist you more directly and provide safe, low dose medication that you can take round the clock or on an as needed basis. They even make tablets that dissolve under the tongue, because sometimes there's just no point in trying to take a pill.

Your care provider will make sure the medication you choose together will minimally affect your baby. While medicine may not be an ideal solution for some moms, sometimes we need a little extra help and that's what doctors and midwives are there for.

Note: If you are considering Placenta Encapsulation, be aware there is a risk your nausea will return when taking your capsules. Consider the Traditional Chinese Method instead of method instead of encapsulating your placenta by the Raw Foods Method, or you may choose to have keepsakes, tinctures, or salves made instead of encapsulation.



The cure for morning sickness, for me, was a combination of a few things. I encourage you to try the remedies I mentioned above and see what works for you. I was very skeptical to start over with teas and herbs after a pregnancy of hospitalizations, but it just took the right combination to help me. Here's my daily plan to beat morning sickness:

Alfalfa Supplement - 3 x a day

CBD Supplement - 1-2 x a day

Pregnancy Tea - 3 cups daily

ACV Water - 5-8 cups (at least!) a day

Gentle Yoga Practice & Meditation - AM & PM

In closing, remember that you are not alone. I'm aware that those words provide little comfort, but there are options out there and help is available. Take the time for self care. Give yourself a break if you're able, and let me know in the comments what works (and doesn't) for you from the tips above!

If you are currently struggling with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or severe morning sickness, I've been there. Consider hiring a Doula for added support, tips and tricks, and reassurance throughout this difficult time. Sublime Motherhood is available for Birth Doula Support and Placenta Encapsulation Services in Delmarva.

Note: While we have shared an abundance of information and referrals in this post, we are not sponsored or affiliated with any of the above professionals and/or organizations. Check with your care provider before pursuing natural remedies mentioned. 

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So, You Want to be a Doula?

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