Grieving Mother Bereavement
‘Holding Space’ is sitting next to someone in their struggle and, by being present, saying “I witness this for you. You are not alone.”
— Marie Biancuzzo & Amy Wright Glenn

Bereavement Services

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Bereavement support

$700- Package includes Two Prenatal Meetings, 24/7 Phone Support, Continuous Support During Labor/Childbirth, Written Birth Story by Lyndsay, Two Postpartum Visits for Reflection

Unbiased support is always available for sensitive situations, including abortion and miscarriage

For us it was the perfect balance between professional and personal, she looked to us for what we were looking for and respected our wishes.
— Kathleen F.

As a Birth Doula, I provide knowledge and experience that is invaluable during pregnancy and throughout delivery. This includes comfort measures, emotional reassurance, suggestions on positioning and movement, partner support, and more. 

As a Bereavement Doula, I provide emotional and mental support while families process grief related to stillbirth and loss. I hold sacred space for you and your family, sharing in your hopes while helping you remain grounded in reality. I respect and honor each individual's right to grieve in whatever way they need to. 

Additional prenatal visits, yoga instruction, private childbirth education, and more options are available upon request. In person support is available in Hampton Roads, inquire directly for Skype support.